Anne Aliker

Anne Aliker

Head of Investment Banking (International), Standard Bank Group

Anne Aliker has over 20 years in financial services across a range of sectors in Regional Champions such as Standard Bank in addition to domestic and global banks such as Citibank. In total Anne has over 30 years in the private sector. Her experience combines world-leading investment banking strategy with best-in-class Asset Liability Committees (ALCO) management. 

She has played a leading role in transactions that leverage the full suite of investment banking solutions, including Capital Markets (Debt and Equity), Project Finance, Leveraged Finance and Acquisitions.

A Ugandan now based in the United Kingdom, she currently heads a dynamic team that provides solutions to the Global Multinationals investing and growing in Sub Saharan Africa and to African Institutions raising capital in the International markets.

Anne has substantial experience as a Non-Executive Director including membership of the Investment Committee at a Private Equity firm and Chair of the Board of Governors at a leading Private Independent School in Kenya. 

Anne is a member of Standard Bank’s Global Investment Banking Executive Committee and the International Executive Committee.

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