Jason Crusan

Jason Crusan

Jason Crusan has more than 20 years of experience in leveraging industry, academia and government partnerships to accelerate technology advancements across multiple industries.

Mr. Crusan had spent over 14 years with the United States’ NationalAeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), primarily in human spaceflight. He was also the director its advanced exploration systems where he led many technology developments and partnerships with commercial industry, including the first human-rated commercial module for the International Space Station (ISS), the first advanced manufacturing device in space, developing launch standards for CubeSats, establishing the initial framework agreement for making the ISS a National Lab for commercial use, and as senior executive over NASA’s return to the Moon efforts.

Mr. Crusan was the founding director of the Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation, formed to advance the utilisation of open innovation methodologies across the US Government.

He relocated to Perth in March 2019 when he was appointed vice president of technology at Woodside Energy, where he is responsible for identifying, developing and maturing technologies that foster new growth, increase production, reduce costs, and enable Woodside’s people to work safely and efficiently.

Mr. Crusan holds Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Physics, and a Master’s in Computing Information Systems.