Thilo Simadari

Thilo Simadari

Thilo is a lecturer and team leader at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, pedagogical studies. I love working with students as well as at the university of applied sciences. I learn something new everyday. I can truly ‘marvel’ everyday and that makes my job exciting and interesting. The days fly by.

When I look back now. I am so happy that I can make a difference in the lives of these students the way Smith and all the people that I met there did for me.

Bachelor in psychology, Master of Education: Child Life Specialist and 4 year coaching and counselling degree, experience as a pedagogical coach in hospitals in the USA as well as in Holland.

Apart from being a workaholic, I love to travel, visit my family in South Africa, New Zealand and my friends in the USA.

Married to a Dutchman, living and working in Amsterdam since 1994. Thilo is the mother of two young adult sons.