Law and Crisis Management: Working With Lawyers to Manage the Challenges of Covid-19

June 3, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruptions to businesses, governments, and societies across Africa and the world. Solutions to the crisis will require innovative thinking, challenging businesses, governments, and societies to collaborate in novel ways. The law plays distinct roles in this process, whether through the development of new public-private partnerships or ensuring that the least advantaged are not left behind. 

Drawing on insights from leading lawyers across Africa, this webinar focuses on how the law connects businesses, governments, and societies. Understanding Africa through this lens provides a unique perspective on Africa’s short, medium, and long-term response and strategy. In a time of legal uncertainty, this webinar also explores some of the substantive questions facing legal practitioners, as well as the developmental and social challenges the pandemic presents for African societies.

Professor David B. Wilkins leads the discussion with top lawyers across Africa while the welcome is delivered by Eric Holder, 82nd Attorney General of the United States.


  • Gerald Abila, Founder and Executive Director, BarefootLaw
  • Dr. Myma Belo Osagie, Co-Founder, Udo Udoma Belo-Osagie
  • Michel Brizoua-Bi, Partner, Bilé-Aka, Brizoua-Bi & Associés
  • Stephen Chege, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Safaricom
  • Prof. Vincent O. Nmehielle, SJD, Secretary-General, African Development Bank Group Office of the Secretary-General and General Secretariat
  • Prof. Ruth L. Okediji, Jeremiah Smith, Jr. Professor of Law, Harvard Law School, and Co-Director of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society
  • Sandie Okoro, Senior Vice President, and General Counsel, World Bank Group
  • Thandi Orleyn, Chairperson, Legal Resources Trust
  • Dr. Godfred Penn, General Counsel & Director, African Development Bank

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