WORKSHOP: Unspoken Rules for Women Who Are Climbing the African Corporate Ladder

Men significantly outnumber women not just at the senior management and board levels but at every stage of the African Corporate pipeline. This is why is committed to supporting talented women who aspire to climb the corporate ladder in Africa.

This workshop will inspire junior women by hearing the story of a successful African woman who reached the pinnacle of the corporate ladder, followed by an interactive session with a Harvard Business School career advisor and author of “The Unspoken Rules – Secrets to Starting Your Career Off Right.”

Keynote Speech: “Journey to the Top” by Aida Diarra, Head of Sub-Saharan Africa, Visa Inc.

Interactive Presentation: Gorick Ng, Researcher & Career Counselor at Harvard Business School, and best selling author of “The Unspoken Rules – Secrets to Starting Your Career Off Right”

The workshop included breakout groups to discuss what women want/need in terms of training, soft skills v hard skills, frequency, presenters from abroad vs. local, certificates, etc. Based on feedback received, including an extensive post-event survey, is working with its partners to develop a robust set of follow-on training specifically designed for women in corporate Africa.